Deadly 60

Steve Backshall’s is on an adventure to find the creatures others spend a lifetime avoiding.

About the series

Series 1

Travelling across six continents, Steve searches through trees, deserts, swamps and seas in his bid to find his Deadly 60. Animal or human – no one is safe.

As he travels across South Africa, Australia, India, Malaysia, Europe, United Kingdom, South America and North America, he encounters a host of animals with a wide variety of appearances.

Take the hippopotamus – this friendly looking animal kills more humans than anything else in South Africa. Despite its stocky shape and short legs, the hippopotamus can easily outrun a human. Having previously been timed at 30mph – it is a surprising predator that may well catch you off your guard.

From smaller predators such as red back spiders and giant venomous centepedes, to larger specimens, including salt water crocodiles and great white sharks;

Steve’s journey proves that when it comes to the battle for survival, size is of no importance.

Series 2

Following on from the first instalment, Steve’s new adventure takes him from the bitter cold of the frozen tundra of the Arctic to the steaming jungles of South America, as he embarks on his deadly mission.

Each 30 minute programme sees Steve on an action packed adventure, as he sets about tracking down his next deadly animal. From black rhino to the blue whale, leopard seals to giant hornets, Steve searches for the animals that most people would happily avoid.

Each animal has developed deadly characteristics, and Steve shows how they help the animal survive in the wild. Some use their weapons for defence, and some for attack, however, one thing remains, and that is that whatever their size, these animals are truly deadly.

  • BBC Earth DVD

Credits: Wild Nile crocodile © James Brickell. Large female tiger shark © Matt Potenski.