Frozen Planet

Ambitious and epic in scale, Frozen Planet is the ultimate portrait of the polar regions, capturing all the fragile, jaw-dropping beauty and majestic power of the elements, in the greatest wildernesses on Earth

About the series

This landmark high definition series brings to the screen the frozen wildernesses of the polar region for what could be the last time before they change forever - with the effects of global warming more evident in the Arctic and Antarctic than anywhere else on the planet.

Narrated by acclaimed naturalist Sir David Attenborough and featuring the incredible wildlife cinematography that made Planet Earth a global success, Frozen Planet has taken new technology to the most extreme and remote parts of our world, capturing groundbreaking imagery both above and below the ice.

Encounter spectacles that few of us will ever witness. Go deep under the sea-ice into a magical world of giants, plunge into the heart of an erupting polar volcano and fly to the South Pole across the Antarctic icecap (the largest concentration of ice on our planet), retracing the steps of the great polar explorers.

Get closer than ever before, to the lives of our best-loved and most charismatic animal characters – polar bears, penguins, wolves and orcas - and witness the most extraordinary examples of survival against the odds.

This is the poles as you have never seen them... and may never see them again!

The six-part series includes:

  • Episode 1 – To the Ends of the Earth
  • Episode 2 – Spring
  • Episode 3 – Summer
  • Episode 4 – Autumn
  • Episode 5 – Winter
  • Episode 6 - The Last Frontier
  • BBC Earth DVD

Credits: Polar bears © Jason Roberts. Orcas © Chadden Hunter.