Hidden Kingdoms

It’s time for the little guys to take centre stage. Prepare to be shrunk down and immersed into magical worlds full of fantastical creatures living incredible, action-packed lives.

About the series

With a cast of miniature marvels all less than a foot in size, Hidden Kingdoms’ heroes may be small but they’re able to pack a punch well above their weight. This is drama on a different scale, designed for maximum energy and emotion.

From chipmunks to beetles, they’re all at the mercy of the elements, which can blow their world apart in an instant. When you are just a few inches tall, raindrops fall like meteorites, dust stings like gravel and a sudden gust of wind feels like a tornado.

Time also has a different meaning here and the pace of life is dramatically altered. A tree shrew, for example, must eat every three hours in order to survive. Every second counts and from dawn to dusk, the clock is ticking... It’s ‘mini meets mighty’ as these tiny heroes face huge adversity and epic adventure.

Filmed against a backdrop of the planet’s most iconic landscapes – savannah and desert, jungle and forest, and metropolis – Hidden Kingdoms reveals these worlds in a completely new, hyper-real way, and from a whole new perspective.

Prepare to be amazed, entertained and fascinated by the world’s Hidden Kingdoms.

A Grasshopper Mouse and Diamondback Rattlesnake © Randall Babb. Lion and Dung Beetle © Alastair MacEwen