Wild Africa

This award-winning series from the BBC Natural History Unit looks at Africa’s stunning natural realms and little-known facts. The truly mesmerising film footage explores the mother continent from which all other continents were torn 100 million years ago.

About the series

Wild Africa looks at a landscape containing seas of grass, burning sands, steaming forests, which is scarred by mountains, and dispersed by great lakes and rivers.

Africa is the mother continent – the core from which all others tore away 270 million years ago. Straddling the equator, this mighty block of land stands alone. Nowhere else has such a breathtaking variety of animals and plants flourished so successfully. This abundance has been nurtured by Time – the key theme of this series.

The six-part series includes:

  • Episode 1 - Mountains
  • Episode 2 - Savannahs
  • Episode 3 - Deserts
  • Episode 4 - Coasts
  • Episode 5 - Jungles
  • Episode 6 - Lakes and Rivers
  • BBC Earth DVD

Credits: Victoria Falls © Pip Lawson. Mokoro © Pip Lawson