1. Employees of the British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”), BBC Studios Limited and BBC Worldwide Limited, trading as BBC Studios (“BBCW”), their subsidiaries, agencies, members of their families and anyone professionally associated with this presenter search may not enter.

  2. The search opens on 7th June 2018 and closes at 23.59 BST on 5th July 2018 (“Closing Date”).

  3. Entrants must be aged 18 or over on the Closing Date in order to apply.

  4. The offer of the position is subject to passing reference and other checks.

  5. The successful entrant must be able to enter the UK (or already be resident in the UK) to undertake the filming work for approximately 4 days between 1st October – 30th November 2018 (“Filming Dates”)

  6. The offer is contingent on BBCW being able to obtain a visa or right to work on behalf of the successful entrant for the Filming Dates (if appropriate).

  7. If living outside the UK, the successful entrant will require a valid passport (and other appropriate travel documentation).

  8. The successful entrant will be required to enter into BBCW’s standard contract and /or a legal release or other documentation in a form determined by BBCW as a pre-condition to accepting the offer.

Entries and judging process

  1. Entrants must make a video of 60 (sixty) seconds or less, in English, explaining your favourite scientific fact. This must be a new video made just for this presenter search.

  2. Entrants should enter using the webform provided at BBCEarth.com/PresenterSearch2018. Entrants must supply their full name, country of residence, mobile/ cell phone number, email address, and any other information requested on the form.

  3. Only one entry is permitted per person. Creation of multiple accounts will lead to the entrant being disqualified.

  4. Emails or other forms of entry will not be accepted. Entries received after the Closing Date will not be accepted.

  5. The entries will be judged on the basis of originality and creativity and in accordance with the following criteria: Clarity of expression; Creativity of the explanation of the science; Fluidity of presentation.

  6. Entries must be in English and entrants must be fluent English speakers. Entries must not have been previously submitted or published in any manner or commissioned by another party.

  7. Entrants must NOT have any professional TV presenting credit but, for the avoidance of doubt, this does not preclude a person from applying who has been interviewed on TV or been a contributor to a programme.

  8. Envisaged Timeline: Presenter search opens 7th June 2018; Closes 5th July 2018; BBCW views all entries 6th July – 17th August 2018 (6 weeks); BBCW announces shortlisted entrants week commencing 20th August 2018; Interviews via Skype 20th August – 7th September 2018; Successful entrant announced week commencing 10th September 2018; Filming dates: 4 days between 1st October - 30th November 2018.

  9. BBCW will use its best efforts to adhere to this timeline, but if a large number of entries are received these dates may be altered and a notice will be posted on BBCW’s website at BBCEarth.com/PresenterSearch2018

  10. If shortlisted, entrants must be available for interview via Skype (or similar) between 20th August -7th September 2018.

  11. The hashtag that entrants will use to post videos will be publicly available so your video will be visible to others.

  12. BBCW reserves the right to change or discontinue this presenter search at any time.

  13. In the event that no entrant achieves the requisite standard expected by BBCW for its presenters, BBCW reserves the right to not offer the role.

  14. After the Closing Date, all eligible entries will be viewed by BBCW. BBCW will compile a long list of potential winning entries. The longlist will be viewed together with marking criteria, and together the judges will agree a shortlist of approximately 10 entrants. The judges shall consist of a panel of up to five, including an independent judge. BBCW will contact the shortlisted entrants and they will be invited for a Skype (or similar) interview and the successful entrant will then be selected.

The opportunity

  1. The successful entrant shall have a freelance opportunity to work with BBCW to film a 4 (four) x part series on Earth Lab or Earth Unplugged. There is no obligation on BBCW to publish the material filmed.

  2. If the successful entrant lives outside the UK, BBCW will arrange for him/her to visit the UK to carry out the filming. BBCW will pay the successful entrant: a presenter fee x 4 days, a return economy flight to the UK (subject to the clause below), standard class hotel room for 4 nights, pre-agreed expenses. All other costs and expenses are the sole responsibility of the successful entrant.

  3. In the event the successful entrant is a resident of the UK (which shall be determined in the absolute discretion of BBCW), the flight component above will be forfeited in full and no substitute will be offered.

  4. The exact nature of the opportunity will be determined by the skillset of the successful entrant and the most appropriate date(s) for filming to take place. BBCW will arrange filming as agent for the successful entrant, and he/ she agrees to be bound by any terms imposed by third parties, including without limitation, the terms and conditions of the film and production crew, airline, hotel and/or any other third parties.

  5. Tax implications may arise from this opportunity and the successful entrant should seek independent financial advice prior to acceptance of the offer. The successful entrant is responsible for any tax incurred in the UK and/or their country of residence as a result of accepting the offer.

Personal Data

  1. Entrants’ data will be collected, processed, used and retained for the following purposes: (i) promotion and administration of the BBC Earth Presenter Search and future searches; (ii) keeping an accurate record of the presenter search; and (iii) complying with BBCW’s legal obligations. The video of the successful entrant and his/ her name and username will be disclosed to the public. The videos and usernames of other entrants will be visible under hashtag #BBCEarthPresenterSearch . BBCW processes your information on the basis of our legitimate interests in conducting such awards for the purposes of producing creative output. BBCW will securely destroy this information when it is no longer required. Please feel free to ask questions as to what happens to the information provided by emailing us at dataprotection@bbc.com or if you would like to withdraw your entry.

  2. BBCW will collect, process and use entrants’ personal information and data in accordance with the BBC Worldwide Privacy Policy at http://www.bbcworldwide.com/privacy.aspx . Videos and statements of longlisted entrants will be retained for 3 months or such other time as is reasonable to comply with its obligations. Videos and statements of shortlisted entrants will be retained for 6 months or such other time as is reasonable to comply with its obligations.

  3. It is each entrant’s responsibility to inform BBCW if his/ her residential address, email address or mobile/cell phone number changes before the successful entrant is announced.

Intellectual Property

  1. All work submitted by entrants must be their own original work, new and not be copied from another source. Entrants may incorporate short clips from the BBC Earth YouTube channels in their entries PROVIDED THAT such clips shall make up no more than 10% of the total 60 second video. Except as set out in this clause, entries must not incorporate material that has been previously published.

  2. By submitting an entry, each entrant represents and warrants to BBCW (which is a legal promise) that: (i) the entrant owns the copyright and all the rights in the work submitted; and (ii) that the entrant has the right to submit it to BBCW for the purposes of the BBC Earth presenter search; and (iii) no material submitted will be defamatory or obscene or likely to bring the BBC or BBCW into disrepute; (iv) all material submitted will be suitable for broadcast on the BBC Earth site/ channel. Each entrant grants to BBCW the right to use his/ her work as contemplated in these terms. Each entrant indemnifies BBCW for any costs or loss incurred by BBCW as a result of such representation or warranty being false or incorrect.

  3. BBCW reserves the right to reject any entry which is illegible, incomplete, inaudible, arrives after the Closing Date, is submitted by an ineligible entrant or for any other reason at its sole discretion. Incomplete entries or those which, in the opinion of BBCW, infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, contains any objectionable content, profanity or is potentially insulting, inflammatory or defamatory will be disqualified. Any individual who tampers with the entry process or who has in the opinion of BBCW engaged in unlawful or improper conduct that is designed to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the presenter search or is generally damaging to the goodwill or reputation of BBCW or the BBC will be disqualified.

  4. By entering this BBC Earth presenter search, you grant BBCW and its licensees and assigns a non-exclusive irrevocable worldwide right and licence for the term of copyright (and any extensions) to re-transmit, edit, translate, adapt, alter, join together your entry with other entries or material at any stage and to commercially exploit the entry in any manner BBCW sees fit.

  5. All entrants further represent that, except for up to 10% of BBC Earth You Tube clips permitted in clause 1 of the Intellectual Property section above, all materials submitted as part of their entry are either owned by the entrant, have been cleared by the entrant or the entrant has used materials which exist under a creative common licence and are free for the public to exploit. Entrants hereby confirm that BBCW may commercially exploit their entries and entries shall contain no commercial music, third party footage or uncleared materials. Alternatively, if there are any restrictions on commercial use of such material, the entrant will edit out such material, on request, and resubmit an edited version which may be used for commercial purposes.

  6. Entrants waive any moral rights/ consent to any act of omission including without limitation (i) failing to attribute (or correctly attribute) the entrant’s authorship of entry; or (ii) making any modification, variation or amendments of any nature to the entry, whether or not it results in a material distortion or derogatory treatment of the entry.

  7. Each entrant confirms that anyone depicted in an entry has given their permission for the inclusion of their image in the entry and use of the entry (including their image) by the entrant and BBCW.

General conditions

  1. The successful entrant is advised to take out appropriate insurance which shall be the winning entrant’s sole responsibility.

  2. BBCW will not be responsible for any incomplete, scrambled or incomprehensible entries. Proof of sending shall not constitute proof of delivery.

  3. This presenter search is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social network. Entrants understand that they are providing their information to BBCW and not to any other party. The information the entrant provides will only be used for the purposes contemplated in these terms and conditions. Any questions, comments or complaints about this presenter search must be directed to BBCW and not to any social network. All entrants unconditionally and irrevocably release and discharge Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social network from any and all liability in relation to this presenter search.

  4. Events may occur that render the presenter search or undertaking the filming impossible due to reasons beyond the control of BBCW and BBCW may at its absolute discretion vary or amend the presenter search or these terms and the entrant agrees that no liability shall attach itself to BBCW as a result thereof.

  5. All entrants agree to provide BBCW with proof of identity, residency, age, verification of any element of their entry, ability to work in the UK if selected as winner or if requested by BBCW. Proof of the same considered suitable as verification is at the sole discretion of BBCW.

  6. The name and video of the successful entrant will be published on BBCW’s website in the week commencing 10th September 2018. The successful entrant may be asked to make a video of how they feel to have been selected which BBCW will post on social media. Any promotional activity or press release the successful entrant makes in relation to this presenter search must be pre-approved by BBCW in writing.

  7. Save for death or personal injury caused by negligence or for fraud or other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by applicable law, BBCW excludes liability to the full extent permitted by law for any loss, damage or injury occurring to any entrant arising from his or her entry into the presenter search or occurring to the successful entrant arising from his / her acceptance of the filming opportunity.

  8. By entering this presenter search, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and conditions.

  9. This presenter search is subject to the laws of England and Wales.

  10. Presenter search is being run by: BBC Worldwide Limited, trading as BBC Studios, 1 Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane, London W12 7FA, United Kingdom (company registration number 01420028).