BBC Earth Spacebot - Terms and Conditions

The BBC Earth Spacebot is a Facebook Messenger service run by BBC Studios (BBCS), a commercial subsidiary of the BBC. BBCS will only use your personal information for the purposes of generating personalised facts about you and space. We obtain your name from Facebook Messenger and use information you provide, which includes gender, age and height, to generate those facts. For example, “John is around 200 million times younger than the solar system. It is over a whopping 4.5 billion years old”.

BBCS won’t keep hold of your personal information once you’ve closed the messenger window, unless you decide you want to receive facts more regularly by subscribing to the service. If you do decide to subscribe, we will ask you specify the time of day you wish to receive the facts (for example between 12 and 4pm). BBCS will retain your gender, age and height for the sole purposes of generating new facts for you until you unsubscribe. Once you unsubscribe, we will delete your personal information.