BBC Earth Presenter Search 2018

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About the presenter search

We are looking for a fresh new presenter who offers a different perspective on all things natural history and science, to join the team on a four-part YouTube series.

Are you passionate about our planet and all the wonderful things that live on it? Do you find fascination in the wider world of science, space or the human race? Can you communicate your passion with eager and curious audiences all over the world?

If you have never been a TV presenter and you answered ‘yes’ to the above, then why not enter our global competition to become BBC Earth’s newest presenter?

To enter, make a video in 60 seconds or less explaining your favourite science or nature fact. This must be a new video made just for the presenter search.

Any questions? Contact

DEADLINE: July 5, 2018

BBC Earth Presenter Search 2018

BBC Earth Presenter Search 2018

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The information you provide will be kept confidential by BBC Worldwide Limited, trading as BBC Studios, (“BBCW”) and will be used for the purposes of administering the BBC Earth Presenter Search. The hashtag that entrants use to post videos will be publicly available so your video will be visible to others. BBCW will retain your data for the promotion and administration of the presenter search and future searches, keeping an accurate record of the presenter search and complying with BBCW’s legal obligations. BBCW will destroy this information when it is no longer required. Please feel free to ask questions about what happens to the information provided, or, let us know if you would like to withdraw your entry by contacting us at . BBCW will keep your information secure and in accordance with BBCW’s Privacy Policy, available at

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