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Walking with Dinosaurs: Wonderbook™

Discover the prehistoric secrets of the dinosaurs with PlayStation®3 and Wonderbook™.

WWD - Wonderbook

Grab your Wonderbook™, dig up 150-million-year-old secrets and uncover dinosaur fossils, then stand back as the prehistoric giants come to life right before your eyes.

Walk among giant herbivores like Triceratops and Stegosaurus and come face-to-face with deadly predators, including Mapusaurus and Tyrannosaurus.

Experience the danger and adventure of prehistoric worlds.

Catch up with Patchi and Juniper, stars of Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie, as well as a whole cast of new characters.

Tilt, rotate, touch and rub your Wonderbook™ and use your voice to interact with the dinosaurs.

Find out more about Wonderbook™.

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