Seven Worlds, One Planet

Where to watch Seven Worlds, One Planet

Find out where to watch Seven Worlds, One Planet in your country.

UK - BBC One - Sunday 27th October - 6.15pm

China - Tencent - Monday 28th October - 9pm

China - CCTV 9 - Monday 28th October - 9pm

US - BBC America, AMC, IFC, SundanceTV - Saturday 18th January - 9pm

Canada - BBC Earth - Saturday 18 January

Poland - BBC Earth - Sunday 3rd November - 11am

Asia (ex-China) - BBC Earth - Monday 4th November - 9pm

Nordic Earth - BBC Earth - Thursday 14th November - 10pm

Turkey - BBC Earth - Friday 15th November - 12am

Netherlands - NP01 - Wednesday 8th January - 8.30pm

MENA - BBC Earth - Saturday 16th November - 9pm

India - Sony BBC Earth - Monday 13th January

New Zealand - Coming soon

Australia - Nine - Wednesday 13th November

South Africa - BBC Earth - Coming soon

LatAm - Discovery - Coming soon

Can't find your country's details? Don't worry, we'll be updating this page regularly as more and more dates come in.

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