BBC Earth Podcast

Fascinating and funny stories from around the natural world, told by global speakers, experts and campaigners.

Each week the BBC Earth podcast brings you entertainment, humour, an abundance of amazing animal stories and unbelievable unheard sounds. Explore the world of animals with superpowers, deep dive into death, hear from heroes passionately protecting the planet and get expert insights into corners of the natural world you’ve never explored before.

Hosted by zoologists Rutendo Shackleton and Sebastian Echeverri, each episode features special guests including the world’s most respected scientists and naturalists, stars of film and television, nature Instagrammers and more.

Listen, laugh and learn – whether you’re a nature lover, nature curious or haven’t yet realised nature is for you, there’ll be a story here to captivate your ears.

The BBC Earth Podcast is a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production.


Presenters: Rutendo Shackleton and Sebastian Echeverri

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Rutendo Shackleton and Sebastian Echeverri are deeply knowledgeable about natural history, are true world citizens, and have incredible chemistry together. They share an innate ability to break complex and technical subjects into relatable, conversational stories. They are also perfectly placed to connect with a younger audience, having shared interests outside of natural history such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and above all else, they are infectiously joyful, and very likeable.

Rutendo Wazara headshot

Rutendo Shackleton

Rutendo grew up in Zimbabwe and across Africa, before moving to the UK where she is working towards a PhD in conservation science, specialising in elephant behaviour, and has worked at Chester Zoo. In 2022, Rutendo began a Creator Residency at the BBC, working in partnership with teams across the organisation to develop and tell new stories. As a child she used to keep pockets full of slugs, a habit which she insists she has given up. She shares a love of dogs, especially her own dog Chilo, and comic books with Sebastian.

Sebastian Echeverri headshot

Sebastian Echeverri

Born in Colombia, Sebastian moved to New York as a child, and now lives in Pittsburgh PA. He is fanatical about spiders, and studied the communication of jumping spiders for his PhD, and sometimes works as an advisor and spider handler for the BBC Natural History Unit and other broadcasters. He also works as a science communicator, writing and speaking on multiple platforms. Sebastian is a keen photographer and loves all things anime, the highly addictive Colombian cheese bread pandebono, and his rescued Greyhound Flora.

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