In each episode of Deadly Animal Showdowns, Steve Backshall looks back at two of the most memorable moments from over 10 years of filming ‘Deadly 60’, the series that took him trekking across the planet to find the world’s deadliest animals.

Some of the moments he chooses are scary (like being stalked by a polar bear!), some are funny (like being farted on by a mountain gorilla!) and some are, quite frankly, just plain weird (like the giant, mucus-covered newt known as the Hellbender!).

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What to expect

Along the way we hear stories from behind the scenes and learn what was really going through Steve’s head at time.

At the end of the programme he must decide which moment will be crowned the winner of the Deadly Animal Showdown – but can you guess which one it will be?

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The Komodo Dragon can grow to 3 metres long and have teeth that are smeared with venom.

Some bald eagle nests can weigh up to a tonne and are big enough for an adult human to easily sit in.

Black widow spiders have a venom which turns their prey into a type of liquid soup which they can then suck down. That’s after cocooning it in a web of silk of course.

The African killer bee is the deadliest of all bees, stinging en masse any intruder who threatens their hive.

The great white shark grows to about 6.1meters long.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico is also known as Shark Island, one of the best places to see the great white shark.

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