Jungles are the richest places on Earth. A magical world of surprise, drama and unforgettable wild characters. From the jungles of Brazil, home to caiman hunting jaguars and strange jungle dolphins that swim in the tree tops, to Costa Rica where ninja frogs fight huge wasps, we watch as the animals face life in the most competitive place on Earth. We follow alongside the beautiful indri as she bounces through the forest in Madagascar and stay out late at night to witness glow-in-the-dark creatures never before filmed! There are even mini ‘dragon lizards’ with a special trick to deal with life in the jungle!

Key Characters in Jungles

Bioluminescent Fungi; Coconut Forest, Brazil

  • New low light cameras helped the team to film the amazing glowing fungi of Brazil for the first time. Birds Of Paradise; West Papua, Indonesia
  • For the first time, the display of the Wilson’s bird of paradise is revealed from its true perspective – from above – as the female would see it.

Filming Locations


  1. Spider monkeys - Flores, Guatemala
  2. Araguaia river dolphins - Cantão Park, Brazil
  3. Jaguars - Brazil
  4. Bioluminescent fungi - Coconut forest, Brazil
  5. Birds of paradise - West Papua, Indonesia
  6. Indri - Andasibe, Madagascar
  7. Humming birds - Tandayapa Valley, Ecuador
  8. Glass frogs - Siquirres, Costa Rica
  9. Draco - Kuching, Malaysia
  10. Railroad worms - Sorocaba, Brazil

The Facts

  • More new species are found in the worlds jungles than anywhere else on land.
  • Jungles cover less than six percent of land, but are home to over half the plants and animals on Earth.
  • Jungles are richest and most crowded place on Earth, home to a billion individuals trying to survive. - Only two percent of the sun’s rays reach the jungles forest floor.
  • Each day the world’s jungles make five million tonnes of water, one fifth of the fresh water on the planet is created here.