A 360 view of a solar eclipse from space

You may have seen a solar eclipse before, but never like this!

If you're lucky enough to have seen a solar eclipse in your lifetime you'll know just how special that moment is. Events like this have the power to bring everyone together at one place in time and remind us just how small our place in the universe really is.

An eclispe is impressive enough as it is from right here on Earth, but imagine that sight from 50,000 metres (165,000ft) above sea level, suspended over our blue planet by nothing but a balloon.

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Actually, there's no need to imagine, we can just show you. As part of the new BBC Studios series, Earth From Space, the team at Sent to Space and the BBC's Natural History Unit have done just that, sent a balloon to space, and created a breathtakingly immersive 360 video of the experience.

On August 21, 2017, the balloon and its six cameras was launched from a field in Fort Laramie, Wyoming. The team had to get the timing just right to make sure they hit their target altitude at the exact moment of totality.

Featured Image © Matt Anderson Photography | Getty