Blue Planet

Could you be a part of Blue Planet III?

Blue Planet III – the next instalment of the BBC’s critically acclaimed underwater flagship series – has just started production and research is already underway.  This pioneering series will traverse the world’s oceans – from the coasts to the deep sea, the tropics to the poles – all set against the backdrop of our changing planet. 

Walrus and seal
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Blue planet

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Blue Planet

More on Nature

We are currently on the lookout for captivating and unusual animal behaviours from the marine world, and would love your help. Some memorable BBC nature sequences began as observations by wildlife enthusiasts from across the globe – including photographers, guides, scientists, birders, fishermen and boat skippers.  

We are interested in both underwater and coastal stories - amazing animal moments that could feature anything from fish to marine mammals, invertebrates to seabirds – even land animals which interact with the ocean in some way.  We are looking for visually impressive and novel animal behaviours – whether that’s a fascinating courtship display, a clever feeding technique, impressive aggregations or unusual species interactions.

Blue Planet III will paint a contemporary picture of our oceans and feature the impact of humanity.  Are you aware of any stories where animals are doing something surprising or unique as a result of a changing ocean?  


If you know of any animal behaviours you think could feature on Blue Planet III, we would love to hear from you on  Please note that though we will be reading every email, we may not have time to reply individually.  We very much value your input and hope you enjoy the series.


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