Lion attacked by pack of hyenas

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It’s like something out of the Lion King.

A young male lion, out exploring on his own, strays too far from home and finds himself surrounded by a clan of 20 fierce hyenas.

A lion is stalked by two hyenas
Red the lion is surrounded by hyenas. © BBC Studios
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While it may look shocking, it is not unheard of for groups of hyenas to take down lions – most often cubs or older individuals. Often seen as the villians of the African grasslands, hyenas are an intelligent and adaptable species that work together to protect their clans.

The moment was captured by the BBC’s Natural History Unit who were filming the pride of lions for the series Dynasties.

He was vastly outnumbered, and trapped in a life and death situation"

Simon Blakeney'Lions' Producer, Dynasties

Lions producer Simon Blakeney remembers the moment the young male, Red, found himself in real trouble.

“Initially he tried to show how dominant he was by chasing individual hyenas,” says Blakeney. “But by the time he got over his bravado, he was surrounded by twenty or thirty of them and couldn’t escape. Each time he lashed out at one that came close, others would attack him from behind. He was vastly outnumbered, and trapped in a life and death situation.”

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