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We meet the actor with a facial disfigurement who has ‘zero intention of living quietly’ and the soldier who battled his way back after being told he’d never walk or talk again. The model with a rare condition who has learnt to ‘see beauty as a state of being’, and the world's tallest family. Each story brings a fresh new perspective on how to thrive whatever life throws at you. To celebrate difference and to practice gratitude.

I have zero intention of living quietly 

Actor Adam Pearson lives with NF1, a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along the nerves. But by no means does he let his condition stop him from living the life he wants. He tackles issues around disability and discrimination with his signature crack-fire wit. Adam and his twin brother, Neil, have been on a mission to try to understand why they share the same genetic condition but look so different. 

Click here to hear from Adam about why his condition won’t stop him from living a life full of adventure.   

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Actor Adam Pearson stands back to back with his brother Neil
Adam has zero intention of living life quietly and seeks to make the most of life’s rich experiences.

If you wear your identity like armour, no one can ever hurt you”

Adam Pearson Actor, presenter, campaigner More from

Richard defied everyone’s expectations

Seven years ago, Richard had a stroke and underwent significant brain surgery. His brain was so badly damaged that it wasn’t certain whether he’d be able to walk or even talk again. It was possible he’d even be bed ridden for life – he would need to regrow thousands of connections in his brain to not continue in a vegetative state. After years of neurological and physiotherapy, he achieved the impossible – and slowly has managed to get his life back on track.

Richard was determined to prove the doctors wrong. Click here to watch how determination and years of hard work created a medical miracle…

Richard has one hand in the air and the other is resting on the table, with support from staff, as he learns how to use his limbs again after surgery
It was possible that Richard would even be bed ridden for life, but he defied everyone’s expectations.

It was almost like a light switched back on, and he became active in his own recovery."

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The UK's tallest family 

Dad Wilco is seven feet tall, Mum Keisha is six foot six, they have five kids and they’re the UK’s tallest family. Wilco and Keisha take us on a journey of finding ‘tall love’, what it’s like to be the tallest in the room, as well as teaching teenagers how to embrace their differences.  Even if those differences seem as ‘simple’ as being taller than all their friends. 

Meet the couple who have made it their mission to celebrate difference and teach their children to do the same here

Mother Keisha measures her child against a wall in their house
Mother Keisha wants to teach her children to celebrate difference.

Enjoy life, dance. Don't waste time crying about something that you can't change."

I embraced what makes me unique

Seeing beauty as a state of mind.

Melanie Gaydos lives with a genetic condition called Ectodermal Dysplasia. As a child, she felt like an outcast, but learned to embrace her uniqueness, becoming an international model in the process. Melanie turned to a life of modelling and subsequently drawing and painting to express herself. She has learned that being a human isn’t linear, life is texture – and that ‘beauty really is just a state of mind and a state of being.’ 

Watch Melanie’s journey into modelling and creativity here on Facebook Watch.

Model Melanie Gaydos sits on a red sofa wearing a silver dress and necklace
Melanie learned to embrace her uniqueness and became an international model in the process.

When I model I feel very free, and for a very long time it felt like the ultimate epitome of power.”

Living with zero fat 

Tom Staniford is one of only 12 people worldwide who have zero body fat under the surface of their skin, a condition that comes with a myriad of issues. An inability to keep warm against the elements, type-two diabetes and permanent pain every time he takes a step are just a few. Despite having MDP, Tom is a decorated professional cyclist who uses his notoriety to create a community of support for people just like him. In 2011, Tom won the British national paracycling circuit race champion. 

Learn more about Tom and his story here on Facebook.

MDP syndrome is simply one aspect of my personality."

Para-cyclist Tom Staniford smiles to the camera wearing a grey teacher, khaki jacket and glasses
Tom uses his notoriety to create a community of support for those who experience the same condition.

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