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Meet the new BBC Earth Digital Presenter

Meet Nellie, winner of the BBC Earth Presenter Search 2018.

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This summer, we launched an international search for a new digital-first presenter with a passion for our planet and all the wonderful things that live on it.

Over 2400 entrants from 84 countries entered the search, but it was Nellie Nilsen from Norway who was selected to become the newest BBC Earth online presenter.

“It is completely surreal," said Nilsen. "After I got the nice and surprising phone call from BBC Earth, I had to go out for a run to be able to process it all."

Nilsen is currently studying towards a masters in biology and hopes to teach one day. She won over the judges with her 60 second video about sphagnum (peat moss).

In the next couple of weeks, Nellie will travel to London to develop her ideas with the BBC Studios digital team and will also receive guidance in the process of growing her talent as a presenter.