Sir David Attenborough to host new landmark BBC series

By Claudia Posada

Sir David Attenborough is set to narrate new landmark series The Mating Game, which explores the intricacies of the animal dating scene across five extraordinary habitats.

As we discover, the quest to secure a mate in the animal kingdom isn't quite as simple as it seems. Sometimes, it may literally mean having to fight for your corner. Filmed using state-of-the-art 8K technology, this series captures a plethora of animal species trying their luck at romance. Courtship rituals may be ruffled by looming predators or vicious rivals. 

Produced by wildlife producer Jeff Wilson, The Mating Game will take us through these strategic mating tactics employed in jungles, the oceans, and in freshwater. The final episode - Against all Odds - will focus upon animals that have had to face huge threats to their survival. 

The Mating Game launches on BBC1 on October 3, and will be available in other global regions soon. 

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