The results are in: Who is this year’s most comedic creature?

The results are in for The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021! And the overall winner is…

Ken Jensen with his incredible shot of a golden silk monkey entitled ‘Ouch!’ Ken captured the image in 2016 while on a family holiday in China. His image went against 7,000 incredible entries from all over the world but won over the judges vote! 

Monkey in pain
'Ouch!' © Ken Jensen
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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were founded in 2015 by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, both professional photographers and passionate conservationists. The competition is designed to showcase some of the funnier images of the natural world while highlighting wildlife conservation; the core driver behind this fun competition.

If you're in the mood for a bit more of a chuckle, we've included a selection of the finalists from this year's competition below. From a bemused otter to an opera singing kangaroo, get ready to giggle...

'Attitude!!' © Aditya Kshirsagar
Bird frowning
'Monday morning mood' © Andrew Mayes
'Leaning post' © Andy Parkinson
'Shhhh! I'm so hungover it hurts.' © Anita Ross
prairie dog and eagle
'Ninja prairie dog!' © Arthur Trevino
Penguin pointing to another penguin
'Directing penguin' © Carol Taylor
Duckling behind fence
'Peekaboo' © Charlie Page
Adult otter carrying surprised cub
'Time for school' © Chee Kee Teo
three polar bears swimming
'The photo-bombing wave' © Cheryl Strahl
mudskipper fish jumping
'See who jumps high' © Chu Han Lin
Monkey yawning
'The baboon who feels like a tenor' © Clemence Guinard
Bird of prey flying into branch
'Majestic and graceful bald eagle' © David Eppley
Bird shrugging
'Shaking off 2020' © Dawn Wilson
Frog smiling
'Yes, I did it' © Dikky Oesin
Giraffe and monkey
'Monkey riding a giraffe' © Dirk-Jan Steehouwer
Extreme close up of horse mouth
'Fluff' © Edwin Smits
Chameleon with arm raised
'The green stylist' © Gurumoorthy K
Monkey hugging a tree
'Treehugger' © Jakub Hodan
pigeon with leaf in face
'I guess summer's over' © John Speirs
4 raccoons in a tree
'Quarantine Life' © Kevin Biskaborn
Monkey sitting
'Just Checking' © Larry Petterborg
Kangaroos fighting
'Missed' © Lea Scaddan
Kangaroo gesturing to the sky
'Operatic warm ups' © Lea Scaddan
Seal giggling
'Mr. Giggles' © Martina Novotna
Insect waving
'Welcome to Nature!' © Mattias Hammar
Raccoon climbing on window
'How do you get that damn window open?' © Nicolas de Vaulx
Bear hiding behind tree
'Peekaboo' © Pal Marchhart
Round bird
'Did I say you could take my picture?' © Patrick Dirlam
Bear dancing in water
'Cotton-Eyed Joe' © Rick Elieson
Small mammal falling
'I got you' © Roland Kranitz
Young langurs
'Dancing away to glory' © Sarosh Lodhi
tiger hugging tree
'Smoked deer for dinner' © Siddhant Agrawal
Bear laughing
'Draw me like one of your French bears' © Wenona Suydam

Featured image © Dawn Wilson 


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