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Tiny hamster's giant graveyard feast

Wild European hamsters are thriving in one very spooky location.

The somber surrounds of a cemetry are not the typical site of comedic feast. In Vienna, Austria, furry, four-legged grave robbers are at work - and they're hungry.

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Seven Worlds, One Planet

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With a spring in his step and the chubbiest of chubby cheeks, our tiny thief looks like something out of a cartoon. Wild hamsters are found in grasslands throughout central Europe, but they are also thriving in many cities.

To survive the continent's harsh winters, these little critters need to fatten up and one way to do this is to chow down on the oily, protein-filled candles left by mourners in gravesites. The only problem - they sometimes bite off more than they can chew!

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