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BBC Earth presents a podcast the size of a planet, telling stories about nature, science and our human experience.

Immerse yourself in stories about our world and the astonishing creatures, landscapes and elements in it. As you're transported from the impenetrable forests of Uganda to research bases in the Antarctic; the edges of the Thar Desert to the Shores of Lake Tahoe, you'll experience tales of human emotion, of encounters with animals, of the strangest corners of the Earth and breathtaking marvels. All carefully gathered together and delivered into your ear by the good people at BBC Earth. 

Introducing: BBC Earth Podcast

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A journey in sound

BBC Earth’s podcast is everything you’d expect - a blend of nature, science and human experience, with worldclass story telling and immersive soundscapes. We’ll also bring you insights and stories from the BBC’s crews as they make some of the most impactful television on the planet. Expect a dose of fascinating science, ecological insight and explanations of why the world - in its infinite variety - is as we find it.   From the deepest caves in the world to the very edge of space the BBC Earth podcast transports you on an awe-inspiring journey in sound.

Presenter/Producer: Emily Knight
Editors: James Cook and Clare McGinn
Researchers: Sam Grist and Michelle Douglass

Executive Producers: Rhyanna Coleman, Kara Segedin, Liz Jaynes