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The BBC Earth Podcast returns with a fourth series featuring some very special guests and extraordinary stories from across our world and beyond. We’re taking you behind the scenes and sharing untold stories from those at the forefront of our latest natural history landmark, A Perfect Planet. Alongside this, you’ll hear other tales - from aspects of our planet that are hidden from view to extraordinary accounts of how, even in the most trying of times, species can pull together. To guide us through, we’ll hear from those whose lives have been turned around by - or dedicated to - the elements that make up our very special planet.

Stories from A Perfect Planet and beyond

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A journey in sound

BBC Earth’s podcast is everything you’d expect – a blend of nature, science and human experience, with worldclass story telling and immersive soundscapes. We’ll also bring you insights and stories from the BBC’s crews as they make some of the most impactful television on the planet. Expect a dose of fascinating science, ecological insight and explanations of why the world – in its infinite variety – is as we find it.   From the deepest caves in the world to the very edge of space the BBC Earth podcast transports you on an awe-inspiring journey in sound.

Presenter: Emily Knight
Producers: Emily Knight and Eliza Lomas
Digital Producer: Kayleen Devlin
Executive Producers: James Cook and Liz Jaynes