About the show

Truly deadly...

Adventurer and naturalist Steve Backshall has one mission; to travel the globe in search of 60 of the world's deadliest animals.

From tiger sharks to giant centipedes, funnel web spiders to the golden poison frog, Steve bravely tracks down the creatures that others spend a lifetime avoiding!

Travelling across six continents, Steve searches through trees, deserts, swamps and seas in his bid to find the 60 deadliest creatures on the planet. From the infamous to the unexpected, this dangerous global adventure illustrates that size is of no importance, while the battle for survival is key.

We'll experience close encounters with all kinds of striking wildlife, and with each animal featuring dangerous characteristics, we'll see what makes these animals "king" of their habitat.

Some use their weapons for defence, and some for attack, however, one thing remains, and that is that whatever their size, these animals are truly deadly. Just don’t forget to watch your back…

The series also looks at the perilous future facing some of these deadly animals, and reveals the remarkable work being done by wildlife conservationists to protect them.



Steve Backshall

Steve’s passion for the wild world started from an early age. He was brought up on a smallholding surrounded by rescue animals, and his childhood pals included an asthmatic donkey and grass snakes in the manure heap!

His extensive solo travels landed him a job as a Rough Guides author on Indonesia and Asia. Armed with a video camera and an idea for a television series, Steve then headed off to the jungles of Columbia and sold the pilot to the National Geographic Channel, afterwards becoming their adventurer in residence for five years.

A move to the BBC saw him presenting The Really Wild Show until it ended in 2006. He then joined the BBC Natural History Unit’s expedition team, presenting series like Lost Land of the Jaguar, Lost Land of the Volcano and Expedition Alaska, where he was nearly swallowed by humpback whales.

Steve now presents the BBC series Deadly 60, a children’s show that sees him travelling the world in search of the most deadly predators.

When he isn’t coming face to face with deadly animals, Steve enjoys rock climbing and mountaineering. He’s qualified as an advanced Himalayan Expedition leader from India’s Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and has led the first ascents of peaks in Borneo and Venezuela.

Steve is not a man to be messed with – after graduating from the University of Exeter he spent a year living and studying martial arts in Japan, earning himself a black belt in judo and a brown belt in karate.

He is also an experienced BCU 4 Star sea and white water kayaker and has competed in numerous triathlons, adventure races and fell running events.