About the show

The power and legacy of big ideas

Discover the little known innovators whose wild ideas and breakthroughs made our modern world possible.

This inspirational and entertaining series presented by world-renowned innovation expert Steven Johnson charts the twists and turns of history, science, business and technology that have brought us to where we are today.

With an exciting blend of location filming, imaginative graphics and stylish action sequences, the series untangles the web of ideas that made each of our ‘modern miracles’ possible.

Discover just how big a role sound has played in the world of medicine, how one man deliberately poisoned the water supply of 200,000 people but transformed the way we live today, and how the invention of the mirror gave rise to the greatest cultural movement of our time, the Renaissance.

Revealing the intense rivalries, astounding fortunes made and lost, terrible disappointments and moments of heroic achievement, it tells the stories of the unlikely people whose passion for problem-solving led to astonishing practical solutions and inventions that changed the world.