About the show

We’re one big family

Get ready to meet your closest animal cousins – apes, monkeys and lemurs.

We have hundreds of bizarre and colourful relatives who live fascinating lives in exotic locations – yet most of us know almost nothing about them.

From India to Madagascar, Borneo to Peru, Monkeys Revealed travels the world meeting apes, monkeys and lemurs of all shapes and sizes, showcasing these animals’ amazing behaviours and revealing just what makes our animal family so special.

Getting up close and interacting with these engaging creatures, this series demonstrates that we humans are not quite as unique as we like to think!

From the orangutan who washes every morning, to the bonobo babies who just want to have fun and the rhesus macaques who have mastered the art of city life, these primates show us how similar we are to our animal cousins.

While visually stunning and definitive, the series is also open, accessible and surprising, featuring a contemporary soundtrack and light-hearted style.