About the show

Meet the world’s most devious animals

You might think that lying and cheating are behaviours unique to the human world. But you would be wrong. Surprising new evidence reveals every animal has a devious streak.

Natural Born Hustlers meets the double-crossing cuttlefish, underhand orangutans, crafty killer whales and the shady squirrels. It discovers the remarkable animals breaking the laws of nature and going to elaborate lengths to claw their way to the top.

Clever graphics, visual effects and innovative filming techniques show dramatic animal behaviour and explains how these animals achieve their astonishing feats of mimicry, trickery and disguise, all in a bid to survive. Scientists reveal the key moments which have baffled and astonished even the world’s top experts.

Each episode focuses on a key challenge in life – survival, finding food and family life. Starting with simple tricks, the episode works through amazing examples of cheating and deceit in addressing life’s challenges, through to the ultimate animal hustle.