If you’re feeling inspired to make a difference, why not make a #SustainableMe pledge on social media and commit to being a more conscious shopper?

Get your friends, family and followers to hold you accountable. A public pledge will help you keep on track with your sustainability goals and could even inspire others to do the same.

We’re in this together. So, if you need some help making your #SustainableMe pledge, here are some suggestions to get you started:

I pledge to…

Consider every purchase

Avoid fast fashion

Buy quality and consume less

Recycle and repurpose my clothes

Repair my clothing and footwear

Share your pledge on social media to help spread the word and help keep your new habit on track.

Can Fashion Be Sustainable?

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BBC Planet at London Fashion Week

We are launching a flagship BBC Planet capsule collection with Mother of Pearl inspired by BBC Earth.

The collection has been created using cutting edge sustainable production methods that will demonstrate how innovation and new technology can help us to reduce the impact of fashion on the planet. This collection is the first partnership to launch under BBC Earth’s new sustainable licensing strategy – BBC Earth is seeking trailblazers in sustainability to partner and demonstrate ways for consumers to change their approach to consumption, becoming part of the solution and helping to achieve a more sustainable future.

Following the success of Blue Planet II in raising mass awareness of plastic pollution our brand has been looked to as both an educator and inspiration for people concerned about the health of our planet.

Discover Mother of Pearl >

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