BBC Earth


BBC Earth has teamed up with Sega to present its groundbreaking nature films in completely new ways. Welcome to Orbi.


What is Orbi?

Orbi is a walk-in nature documentary – the first of its kind.

Based at Yokohama’s Mark Is Minatomirai, this immersive exhibition is made up of a series of areas themed around habitats such as sky, jungle and ocean. At the centre of it all is a cutting-edge movie theatre, specially built for Orbi, with the sole purpose of presenting nature films in all their visual, sonic, sensational and aromatic glory.

Experience zone

Visitors can explore 12 themed areas before entering the Orbi theatre. Experiences include:

  • interacting with projections of life-sized animals in the Animalpedia
  • watching footage of the oceans on a ‘fog screen’ which makes the movie appear to hang in thin air
  • seeing and feeling what it’s like to be in the middle of a 1.6 million-strong wildebeest herd
  • travelling to the poles and feeling a wind chill of -20C
  • feeling the wind on your face as you soar through the skies on a 40,000km journey around the Earth

Orbi Theatre 23.4

The highlight of Orbi is a wildlife film produced and edited by BBC Earth especially for this cutting-edge theatre.

The movie is presented on a huge 40m wide, 8m high, curved main screen and two rear 5x3m screens. The theatre is equipped with a bespoke 3D sound system and other cutting-edge technology that generates wind, fog, vibrations and even smells.

Find out more and book tickets at the Orbi website.