How to build a solar system to scale

By Claudia Posada

What is the biggest thing you've ever built? Have you ever tried constructing a solar system model? Join us as we attempt building one to scale, to see just how big our solar system really is. Spoiler alert: it's mind-bogglingly, awe-inspiringly big. 

To get a rough sense of the dimensions we are dealing with - Mars is a whopping 250,000,000 kilometres from the sun, and Jupiter is located a staggering 755,000,000 kilometres away. In fact, Jupiter is SO big, that it is thought that its gravitational pull bumped a space rock off its course some 66 million years ago. It is believed to have sent this comet hurtling towards Earth, killing all of the dinosaurs in the process. 

Download our handy worksheet below to help orientate yourself with our wonderful solar system, and watch Get On It's How to build a solar system below to find out more awesome solar system facts... 

Solar system worksheet
Save and print our handy guide for identifying the planets in our solar system!
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