How to see the world through animal eyes

By Claudia Posada

Did you know the ostrich has an eye larger than its brain, or that dogs can't see the colour red?! Which animals can't see colours? What do fish see underwater? 

Animals see the world very differently, but in equally amazing ways! Scollops can have up to TWO HUNDRED eyes. And sharks are achromatic, meaning that they don't see any colours at all. But they are able to see in ultra-high contrast, so they can single out their prey amongst dark and murky waters. Eagles are able to see twice as well as humans - and can see four to five times closer than we can. 

These are just a few examples of the amazing characteristics some members of our animal kingdom leverage to their advantage. Learn about these crafty creatures, and more, below. Do animals see things that humans can't? We'll find out! 

Download our worksheet below to see make your very own experiment at home, and see the world through animals eyes... 

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