How to speak like a dinosaur

By Claudia Posada

How do you speak dinosaur? And what did they really sound like? We've been pondering just the same question.

In any movie you watch, dinosaurs ROAR, right? But what if their roar sounded like an owl's twit-twoo? Would we still view these creatures in the same way?

Turns out, birds are direct descendents of the same group of dinosaurs as the mighty T-Rex. Millions of years ago, birds had actually already evolved from dinosaurs! So why did dinosaurs make such an almighty 'roar' noise? What does the noise have in common with a bird's call? Speaking 'dinosaur' isn't quite what you may think. 

Find out the answers to these head-scratching questions and learn how to speak dinosaur language (kind of) below with our downloadable worksheet! You can also colour in your own dinosaurs with our fun activity below.  

How to make dinosaur sounds worksheet
Learn how to make dinosaur sounds yourself with this handy worksheet!
Dinosaur colouring sheet
Colour in your very own dinosaurs with our colouring sheet!
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