How to navigate using nature

By Claudia Posada

Ever wondered how you could find your way using nature? Did you know that moss can actually help you to navigate our natural world?

Let's draw inspiration from the best navigators there are out there - animals! The sun, moon, sea, plants, stars and animals can all help to point us in the right direction - and yes, without even using Maps. 

Dung beetles, for example, use the STARS to navigate. And if tiny insects that roll around poo can do it… so can you! And it's not just dung beetles - pigeons are said to be able to travel hundreds of miles using the earth's magnetic field!

Here’s your guide to using the sun, sticks, shadows, trees - and even moss! - to help you find your way when you’re out in nature (or if there’s no signal on your phone).


How to navigate with nature worksheet
Learn how to navigate with nature with our handy worksheet!
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