Why is 95% of the universe missing?

By Claudia Posada

The Universe isn't quite what we think it is - in fact, we can only see a tiny fraction of it.

For decades, physicists have been trying to analyse what this elusive, undetected part of our universe really is. What is dark matter? How can we find it, and what is it made of? After some serious digging, scientists have realised that dark matter is only a small part of the bigger story - just the start of it. There is also another component of the universe which we call dark energy. 

Dark matter makes up 25% of the 'unknown stuff' in the universe, and the other 70% is made up of 'dark energy.' 

But how much do we actually know about dark matter and dark energy, and how much is there left to find out? Find out more below with this intriguing episode of #SpaceMysteries...* 

Why Is 95% Of The Universe Missing
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